About Mimer By Sun Labs

Mimer is a brand of Sun Lab Nordic AB, which are specialized in development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data visualization and realtime data logging. Currently located in Uppsala, Sweden.

Power Up Without Maxing Out

We all want a healthy planet. The small choices we make each day can help us get there. Lots of the energy we use comes from burning natural resources, releasing CO2e into the air. We want people to discover simple things they can do to zap energy hogs.

Team of Experts

Strong team with years of knowledge in Data Aggregation and designing great user experiences. We’re working closely together to take care of Mimer and bring you the most sophisticated but smoothest product yet.

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Linus Frosteryd

Full Stack Developer & Business Developer

Nisse Lundin

Behavioural Analyst & UI Developer

Victor Ingman

Full Stack Developer & UI / UX

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