Screen by Sun Labs

We’ve been expanding our service Screen by Sun Labs and we thought you might want to know more about it. It’s Exposure as a Service or EaaS for short, let’s get that trending! It simply means that with a simple subscription will we make sure your Digital Signage works better and simpler, without any upfront costs or technical hassle. Let us give you the primary reasons why you should use Screen by Sun Labs!

Easy installation and no maintenance

The installation is done in a couple of minutes. You unpack your Screen device, plug it in to your display and within a few seconds is it playing the media you’ve chosen. You can control it remotely from a phone or the computer in your office, or directly by uploading what you want to show offline. It is a time saver!

Flexible and adaptable

Screen is designed for both internal and external communication. This means it can just as easily bring news to your customers as it can keep your members or employees updated on your latest work. Do you have your own web application? It can easily be integrated to Screen! With our layout management can you add the media off your choice.

An environmental choice

Our media players are small but efficient, which means that they need a lot less electricity. A decreased energy consumption will over time save you both money and reduce carbon emissions. Electricity production is still today partly based on non-renewable sources which means that energy efficiency is a big part of how we can decrease CO2 emissions. Because they are designed for this specifically will they last a lot longer, but if one were to break have we got the recycling already sorted.

It’s an Energy-saver

The media player we use for Screen is a small and efficient computer, that only uses 3.4W when idle and 7.6W during load. Desktops vary but you can compare that to your own computer. The best estimate we could find for the energy consumption of a general desktop would be between 170-200W. It’s also easy to program it to automatically shut down during the night, saving even more. As you can see: Screen runs at a fraction of the energy and therefor at a fraction of the cost!

It simply works

Screen is designed with Digital Signage in mind which makes it more flexible and adaptable. Because it’s smaller and more efficient is it more environmental and cheaper. Because it is purpose built is it more reliable and safer. But most of all; it simply works. Screen is the perfect plug and play!

There are even more reasons why Screen by Sun Labs will make your digital signage a success. Do you perhaps have some questions? Email us! We’d be happy to tell you all you need to know. Talk to you soon!