Exposure as a Service, or EaaS

Screens, screens, screens. Everywhere are screens, and they seem to proliferate. They’re expanding in size and amount each and every day, but this shouldn’t really be surprising when regarding the age we live in. It’s the Information Age, also fittingly called the Digital Age or New Media Age, so of course there where going to be screens everywhere. This is the fourth industrial revolution, and with every revolution comes changes. Today’s changes are regarding how we can market ourselves to a higher extent. We are a generation that crave exposure, almost as much as we need information and there is more information now then ever before. The screens where the simple solution to this problem.

Although we might be passionate about things are we not always smart about them, and even good ideas can be improved upon. Showing something on a screen, usually referred to as Digital Signage, should be as simple as plugging a screen to a desktop and then putting the screen in an entrance or in shop window. But, there are of course better ways of doing this. A desktop may do a perfectly decent job, but it’s clearly not ideal for this purpose. A desktop is needlessly expensive, highly energy consuming and unfortunately often not too reliable. This is of course understandable since this is not what they are designed for.

Motivated by the poor standard in digital signage and inspired by the growing service industry have we at Sun Labs Nordic been developing our own _aaS (_ as a service) and we call it Screen by Sun Labs! It’s our EaaS, or Exposure as a Service, which will help you in all your digital signage needs. Exposure is the need of this generation and with Screen is it easier then ever!

As you can see am I excited about our service, but until next time do I wish you all a happy week!
/Nisse, another service creator

If you want to know more:
Robin Hastings, Making the Most of the Cloud: How to Choose and Implement the Best Services (2013)