GRI Roundtable Stockholm at Nasdaq 2019

To learn from the best about sustainability reporting in a Swedish context did Sun Labs yesterday attend the GRI Roundtable Stockholm at Nasdaq, co-hosted by Ethos International. It was an opportunity to learn about the future of sustainability reporting and the progress of GRI, or Global Reporting Initiative to give it the full name. GRI is the leading standard for sustainability reporting with a broad modulation to fit all industries. There has been major progress in this field to be even more accommodating to the varied practices, but the need of a unified reporting standard is becoming clearer every year.

The work on sustainability reporting has been going on for some time, but it seems to be picking up quite a lot of speed in the last few years. GRI started over 20 years ago, Ethos International has been working with developing sustainability reporting for over 10 years, and Nasdaq has been working for at least two years on a sustainability strategy including environmental, social and governance ( or ESG). Predictions where made yesterday of even larger pushes from the European Union on sustainability reporting with an action plan to be released within two years.

There is a lot to learn in this area, but the importance of sustainability reporting will also grow. Falling behind has a risk to be costly for a company, but whoever does this right has a lot to gain. 

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/The team of Sun Labs Nordic

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