Expo with Sun Labs

The team just came back from an intensive week in Portugal where we took part in WebSummit 2019 in Lisbon. We’ve been pitching Mimer to hundreds of people, and shaken hundreds of hands. This is probably why most of us got a cold once we returned back home. The trip was a success and it would take me many pages to describe all the good things we brought back home from Portugal, so I let the team pick their favorite items from the trip:

Linus – We are standing in front of a brilliant future, endless possibilities with technology that will help us with so much of the problems we have today. I find it encouraging to see how many more that are understanding their impact on the environment and that the world is full of everyday heroes! The increasing need to understand our own impact is what I bring back home!

Victor – How well our yellow theme worked, with our yellow jackets and yellow backpacks. People saw us everywhere, and it was easier to keep track of each other. Plus, the added notes on the backs, “Ask me about Mimer”, they were a success! Linus was asked about Mimer when he was in the restroom. So, I bring home what a success we were!

Nisse – I’ve never enjoyed selling before, it always felt a bit too intrusive and unpleasant, but selling Mimer felt easy! I think it’s because we believe in the product and the responses we got was very positive!

WebSummit was a success for us and we had a blast in Portugal. Even if we are a bit under the weather at the moment are we eager to get back to work!

Until next time, take care!
/Nisse, the minglemaster

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