Websummit 2019 Lisbon

WebSummit 2019 in Lisbon was a technology conference attended by over 70 000 people from over 160 countries, and of course Sun Labs Nordic was there as well! There was interesting lectures and speeches, exciting activities and booths, but mostly was there plenty of incredible entrepreneurs and companies! #WebSummit

The neighbors of our booth was a friendly dutch company, SecretHub, who developed a tool to help you keep database passwords, API tokens, and other secrets out of IT automation scripts. Sharing space with them was a lot of fun, and it was interesting how their solution was rather simple yet innovative, amazing how no one had come up with something similar before!

We spent some time talking to the booth for Business Sweden about the strong brand of Sweden and the possibilities of Swedish expansions. Among them was Invest Stockholm who gave us some thoughtful insights in how to sell our Swedishness and we’ve taken their lessons to heart.

Another company that impressed us was EDP, Energias de Portugal, who was putting a lot of effort in to supporting new startups and their sustainable solutions. Their idea of a “knock-out pitch” was a lot of fun, where they had built an entire boxing ring for quick pitching. Fun, creative, optimistic and supportive, we loved it!

It was a hectic conference, with more to see and do then anyone of us could manage. We got to present Mimer to the public and it has to be said that Linus absolutely nailed that pitch! Mimer was a success and even if we are sad to leave WebSummit are we excited to see what we create with everything we take with us back home. We leave Portugal with optimism but we’ll make sure to return next year!

Until next time, take care!

/The team of Sun Labs Nordic

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