Attitudes and WebSummit

The team is in Lisbon this week for WebSummit 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited! It all starts tonight so we are currently preparing ourselves at a pastelaria, sipping on ridiculously small cups of coffee and nibbling on ridiculously delicious (read unhealthy) croissants. I am putting the final touches on our yellow jackets while Linus is going through our schedule. There is going to be so much cool things to do!

I usually find cultural differences to be overstated, but some are also often understated when we considering specific attitudes. The conference haven’t even started yet and we already understand what our biggest cultural difference to overcome is: Reporting on sustainability. Maybe this shouldn’t be that surprising to us since the most common answer we hear is that sustainability reporting isn’t worth it. They say it’s too expensive and demands too much work to gather all the necessary data for a comprehensive report that doesn’t have a clear benefit for the business. This does surprisingly play in to our hands rather smoothly, because this is exactly what our platform Mimer will solve!

The setting in Sweden is currently a little bit different. For example is a yearly sustainability report mandatory for all larger companies in Sweden. This was a directive from the European Union that Sweden decided to implement with an even wider description, including even more businesses. The reporting requirements in Sweden applies to all undertakings that fulfill at least two of the following three criteria:

  • On average have more than 250 employees
  • Have a net turnover of more than SEK 350 million
  • Have a balance sheet total of more than SEK 175 million

These requirements applies to the 1500 largest Swedish companies, corresponding to 45% of all employees in the private sector and two thirds of the total net turnover in the corporate sector. Sustainability reporting is therefor more normalized in Sweden, but if the global progression continues will other countries follow suit. Our goal is now to convince the entire WebSummit to start reporting with us, sooner rather than later!

Wish us luck and until next time, take care!
/Nisse, the Swedish sustainability reporter

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