Dell Technologies Forum 2019

Dell for Entrepreneurs in Sweden was won last year by us at Sun Labs Nordic, so yesterday were we invited to take part at the Dell Technologies Forum 2019. It was an exciting experience to be able to return a year later to Dell and to even be a part of the exhibit! 

The future really is intriguing, with improvements I had no idea I always wanted. Ranging from abstract to concrete changes, from structural changes to mechanical changes, and AI is continually finding new implementation, something we at Sun Labs Nordic know at least something about. We are proud to have been invited to be part of an assembly of such successful companies and inspiring and kind people. 

We also found it encouraging that everything is not yet done, and the services we at Sun Labs Nordic can provide is something many companies are looking for. We left Dell Technologies Forum 2019 tired but happy, with an added tingle to our hope in the future!

Take care now, I’ll see you next week!
/The team of Sun Labs Nordic

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