What is Sun Labs Nordic?

So I’ve been doing some digging around to see if I could clarify what we do here at Sun Labs Nordic, and I’ve been able to come up with a short and a long answer. The short one is quite simple: We are innovating through sustainability projects. The long one is a bit more complicated though, so let’s start from the beginning. Where did Sun Labs Nordic start?

It all started as an idea at university. The two founders of Sun Labs Nordic, Linus and Victor, where feeling restless as their school project was stalling. Their partners at the university hospital where dragging their feet and progress took ages, with restrictions from all directions. They wanted to create,  they had the ideas to create but this intermission was killing their passion. It was a noble project that was killing their passion, they where helping the university hospital to structure and visualize their solar cell energy in a hope to one day make it self-sufficient, but they wanted to do more. This is when they decided to create their company, Sun Labs Nordic. 

Since the governmental institutions where too rigid and slow-moving did they direct their attention to private corporations, who they assumed had an even greater need of sustainable solutions. Their first costumer was an energy company just outside Uppsala who needed help to secure the production from their solar cell facilities. A project that seemingly went without a hitch, since they are costumers of Sun Labs Nordic to this day!

The first success was followed by another, a project with a state-owned property company where Sun Labs Nordic helped to visualized their work with sustainable energy for their costumers and residents. This could be seen as a minor regression back to work with governmental institutions, but the project went incredibly well and all partners were extremely satisfied, as Linus proudly stated. 

That is the start of Sun Labs Nordic, and there have been many project since. With them have the focus shifted and even if the core is still there is Sun Lab Nordic now something bigger and stronger. We are excited to finally be creating instead of consulting, and to build freely from the ideas we had envisioned.

The core of the solutions here at Sun Labs Nordic are about self-reflection, to show people what they are doing. We want to provide the information to understand what needs to change, and with the technology of today is this finally possible. With the help of AI and machine learning can large-scale information be gathered and structured for easy access. This is the basis for our sustainability platform, Mimer by Sun Labs! It aggregates and structures all your fragmented data to create an automatic sustainability report, that can be accessed instantly, in real time. You can see your progress on the goals you’ve set instantly, and if you want to spread that information, then you have use for our digital signage solution, Screen by Sun Labs! It’s a simpler, cheaper and safer way to display whatever you want, where ever you are.

So, what are Sun Labs Nordic? We are sustainability, we are innovation, we are machine learning, we are self-reflection. I hope this helped you understand more about us, it sure helped me. If you have any questions still, feel free to contact us!

Until next time, take care!

/Nisse, the memorialist

Linus found out what I was writing about and made sure I included this brief statement:

Sun Labs Nordic is a symphony of big picture thinking. Flow. Transition. The power of conscious evolution. Sun Labs Nordic empowers ones ability to move, shift, change, progress and flow strong with the current of the future. Moving together, the future is ours to create. We are digitalization. We accelerate your digital transformation. We hope you love it.

I think that is pretty much what I already had written above.